Our program

Transenter provides international clients with cutting-edge translation solutions. Having started out as a small-scale translation agency with moderate-sized clients, we are now well on our way to serving the corporate giants of the world.

  • Are you an energetic student looking to express your creativity and individuality?
  • Are you willing to learn about new technologies and solutions that could revolutionize the business world?
  • Are you interested in working in a productive learning environment in an international setting?
  • Are you a student of languages, business management, economics or social sciences?

If so, you are the perfect candidate for a business development internship at Transenter.

Your skills and qualifications will ideally include:

  •     Good knowledge of MS Office;
  •     Advanced communication skills;
  •     Advanced knowledge of English;
  •     Self-motivation and enthusiasm;
  •     Teamwork with a passion for excellence;
  •     Motivation to work in a multicultural/international environment;
  •     Commitment to ongoing learning and putting newly acquired knowledge into practice.


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  • An internship at Transenter is a good opportunity to try out potential career choices. You’ll get real-life experience doing the work of an employee in an organization;
  • An internship at Transenter is also a good way to learn about different management styles and work environments. Internships help you learn what type of work suits you;
  • An internship at Transenter will help you develop professional skills and build a network of contacts. This will come in useful when you begin your job search;
  • When you begin the internship at Transenter, you work with your supervisor to create a document that maps out a work plan and outlines what you intend to learn and accomplish.

Your main activities include:

  • contacting prospective clients;
  • participation in marketing and selling projects adapted to the specifics of your country of origin and the relevant market;
  • brand management;
  • participation in marketing campaigns;
  • suggesting new ways of development;
  • market research;
  • translation and localization of company projects;
  • proofreading and revisions of documents;
  • cooperation with project managers on translation projects;
  • participation in creative marketing tasks.

The benefits of our program:

  • Practical skills and knowledge in an international environment to complement your educational background or desired field;
  • Interaction with a different social and cultural environment with a view to gaining experience in translation management;
  • Opportunity to apply your personal and professional skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values to your work for the organization;
  • Developing your awareness and knowledge of social issues, and the different customs of your country of origin and the host country (Poland);
  • Opportunity to contribute to personal and professional life goals;
  • Developing your skills in a business environment.

Important information:

  •    Internship location: Wroclaw Wita Stwosza 16, Poland;
  •    Length of stay: minimum 4 months (preferably longer)*;
  •    Starting date: beginning of every month;
  •    Free accommodation;
  •    Pocket money: 200 € **.
* 6 months is the ideal duration to gain proper knowledge and experience
** 200 € will be paid monthly in PLN (converted according to the NBP’s 2018 average annual price) less tax