My time in Poland

I arrived in Wrocław at the end of February. I was there for the purpose of doing my internship at Transenter. After having done some travel with the public transport, I arrived at Transenter. I was welcomed heartily and after some introduction to my activities, I started work. It started off with a mix of sales activities and research. I was placed in an office with another Polish colleague. Something he, and all other Polish people, taught me is that they love to teach foreigners about their culture, granted both parties maintain openness to other ideas. Polish culture is incredibly complicated and deep, due to both their history and language.

The city is quite large (about 650.000 inhabitants) with a lot of students. People can undertake both cultural and nightlife visits in the city. A personal recommendation of mine would be Panorama Racławicka if you are into the cultural aspect, for nightlife recommendations I would ask your colleagues at Transenter.

At the middle of my internship, I went to the CeBIT trade fair in Hannover with some colleagues. This was a great learning experience in regards to sales and business development. After the trade fair my responsibilities shifted towards a business development, marketing and sales responsibility using a social media tool.

Overall during my time in Poland, I have made friends for life and learned a completely new perspective on life. I would recommend an internship at Transenter for everyone who wants to have a unique experience, live in a great and booming city and gain invaluable professional experience.

Joppe Gerlings

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