Enjoy your stay at Transenter!

I started my internship at Transenter in the beginning of September 2014. I was very enthusiastic at the day I arrived at Transenter to start my activities as a potential sales person. I was greeted openly and kindly at my arrival. The office manager showed me around the house, the workspace, the garden and my own room. The next day I started to work and as a matter of fact, I came when the company introduced a new product named ‘LingoTM’. I became directly responsible for advertising and generating potential sales for this tool. During my stay, I was also involved in three different tradeshows to gather interest from people for this product and Transenter’s language services. It was a valuable experience for me that taught me how to deal with sales in direct contact rather than by phone.

As I am half Polish myself, it didn’t take time for me to get used to the Polish culture, cuisine, city of Wroclaw or the language. However, for anyone learning a new culture is a great experience itself. There are many things you could do in Wroclaw, depending on your interest. There are many cultural sightseeing activities, like Panaroma Racławice and the incredible city (Rynek) itself. As for the nightlife, I can recommend places like ‘Mundo’, ‘Bezsennosc’, ‘Manana’ and many more that are worth to visit!

I can deeply recommend an internship at Transenter, as it involves many activities and task you may have to deal with in your career later on. The people, culture, language, cuisine and activities at both Transenter and Wroclaw are of great value and experience.

Enjoy your stay at Transenter!

Dominik Bakker

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