We are recruiting now!

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Yellow food truck – my favourite lunch!

Rinke KrikkeI’ve done my internship at Transenter/PWCIB from February till June 2016 and I’ve had a great experience there! My colleagues were great and Paul is a really  nice and easy-going guy too. Everything was taken care of very well; they’ve found a nice flat close to the company and the monthly salary showed that they were serious and appreciated my help. I’ve done really a lot of different activities, all of them either marketing or sales related. Personally, I believe the spreading of tasks and responsibilities I got during my internship helped me a lot in learning how a business works. At Transenter/PWCIB you get to see and experience a lot of what keeps a company running and how everybody is working to make the company work and its customers happy. A lot of new initiatives are thought of and implemented which makes the time past very fast. The virtual working with colleagues and/or external partners is great to experience and to learn from.

Don’t expect to be sitting around doing nothing but also don’t let this scare you, doing so many different, interesting and fun new things makes the time fly. I really liked the fact of being involved in both languages as well as intercultural business. For me, it was the perfect mix since I was a student of International Business and Languages.

Besides work, there’s also leisure of course and Wroclaw is a beautiful city that has everything. It was the European capital of culture and you can really notice it being an emerging city. It’s a lot of fun to go out in Wroclaw in the weekends (during the week isn’t bad either) and you really have to spend as much time as possible in the beautiful city centre. Friday afternoons are crowded but cosy and I would really recommend to have a beer or wine at one of the great terraces.

So, if you want to learn a lot about virtual working, intercultural business, languages and if you want to have fun with great people inside and outside the office, I can really recommend Transenter/PWCIB as the perfect place for that.

(P.S. if that yellow food truck is still there, at 2 minutes walking from the office, make sure to try one of their sandwiches for lunch)

Have a great time!

Rinke Krikke

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Enjoy your stay at Transenter!

I started my internship at Transenter in the beginning of September 2014. I was very enthusiastic at the day I arrived at Transenter to start my activities as a potential sales person. I was greeted openly and kindly at my arrival. The office manager showed me around the house, the workspace, the garden and my own room. The next day I started to work and as a matter of fact, I came when the company introduced a new product named ‘LingoTM’. I became directly responsible for advertising and generating potential sales for this tool. During my stay, I was also involved in three different tradeshows to gather interest from people for this product and Transenter’s language services. It was a valuable experience for me that taught me how to deal with sales in direct contact rather than by phone.

As I am half Polish myself, it didn’t take time for me to get used to the Polish culture, cuisine, city of Wroclaw or the language. However, for anyone learning a new culture is a great experience itself. There are many things you could do in Wroclaw, depending on your interest. There are many cultural sightseeing activities, like Panaroma Racławice and the incredible city (Rynek) itself. As for the nightlife, I can recommend places like ‘Mundo’, ‘Bezsennosc’, ‘Manana’ and many more that are worth to visit!

I can deeply recommend an internship at Transenter, as it involves many activities and task you may have to deal with in your career later on. The people, culture, language, cuisine and activities at both Transenter and Wroclaw are of great value and experience.

Enjoy your stay at Transenter!

Dominik Bakker

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My time in Poland

I arrived in Wrocław at the end of February. I was there for the purpose of doing my internship at Transenter. After having done some travel with the public transport, I arrived at Transenter. I was welcomed heartily and after some introduction to my activities, I started work. It started off with a mix of sales activities and research. I was placed in an office with another Polish colleague. Something he, and all other Polish people, taught me is that they love to teach foreigners about their culture, granted both parties maintain openness to other ideas. Polish culture is incredibly complicated and deep, due to both their history and language.

The city is quite large (about 650.000 inhabitants) with a lot of students. People can undertake both cultural and nightlife visits in the city. A personal recommendation of mine would be Panorama Racławicka if you are into the cultural aspect, for nightlife recommendations I would ask your colleagues at Transenter.

At the middle of my internship, I went to the CeBIT trade fair in Hannover with some colleagues. This was a great learning experience in regards to sales and business development. After the trade fair my responsibilities shifted towards a business development, marketing and sales responsibility using a social media tool.

Overall during my time in Poland, I have made friends for life and learned a completely new perspective on life. I would recommend an internship at Transenter for everyone who wants to have a unique experience, live in a great and booming city and gain invaluable professional experience.

Joppe Gerlings

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Looking for interns

Transenter is currently looking for interns fluent in Dutch and English to help our team in Wroclaw.

Transenter Internship Wroclaw



Transenter provides international clients with cutting-edge translation solutions. Having started out as a small-scale translation agency we are now well on our way to serving the corporate giants of the world.
– Are you an energetic student looking to express your creativity and individuality?
– Are you willing to learn about new technologies and solutions that could revolutionize the business world?
– Are you interested in working in a productive learning environment in an international setting?
– Are you a student of languages, business management, economics or social sciences?
– Are you a native speaker of Dutch and are you fluent (or native) in English
If so, you are the perfect candidate for an internship at Transenter!

You will also work on us on our Cross Cultural Consultancy project PWCIB. Cross-Cultural communication is a trending topic in the business world with international sales increasing every year.




Would you like to actively participate in sales and business development for consultancy?

-Are you interested in finding out what the major problems of international companies are?

-Do you want to develop cultural intelligence?


You will develop competencies in the area of marketing and account management in the training industry.

– Advanced communication skills;
– Self-motivation and enthusiasm;
– Good knowledge of MS Office;
– Advanced knowledge of English;
– Teamwork with a passion for excellence;
– Motivation to work in a multicultural/international environment;
– Not afraid to communicate with customers over the phone;
– Commitment to ongoing learning and putting newly acquired knowledge into practice.

During the internship at Transenter:

 – You will gain real-life experience working in an international organization;

– You will participate in creating both online and offline marketing campaigns, organizing events, creating marketing materials and digital content, doing market research and competitive analysis;

– You will be responsible for market research and communication with customers;

– You will be mentored and led by top industry professionals; –

– You will learn about different management styles and work environments. It will help you find out what type of work suits you best;

– You will get a €200,- stipend;

-We offer you free accommodation in our apartment in Wroclaw.

– We are looking for interns for all year round!

– We are looking for interns for 3 months or longer.
– Free accommodation in Wroclaw, Poland;
– €200,-  stipend.



If you are interested send your CV and a cover letter to internship@transenter.com or apply via the website.


For more ionformation check:




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